If your RAM is drained to the point where it causes the error, replace it. MemTest86 is a free memory testing tool for x86 machines. You can boot MemTest86 from a USB flash drive and leave it to check your system RAM. Now, the MemTest86 RAM check takes a long time to complete, a single pass can take hours depending on the amount of RAM you have installed. Sometimes new drivers have a bad effect on your system. But in this day and age, it’s getting rarer as Windows 10 takes care of most of the driver updates.

I can’t seem to reset windows and while I can operate some programs anyway, if I ever do anything complex it freezes. While Script error is caused by violating the browser’s same-origin policy, a Long Running Script indicates performance issues. Every browser has a timeframe for script execution.

Solution 6: Reinstall Windows 10

CHKDSK is a Windows diagnostics utility that checks the integrity of hard drive partitions and can help you fix several issues that may cause the Non-System Disk or Disk Error. The first thing to try is one of Microsoft’s built-in diagnostic and repair tools. This will scan your system drive for any potential issues affecting the startup. If you feel you did something silly to cause the Windows hard disk failures so that even the hard drive can’t be recognized, it’s helpful to opt for a “System Restore” of your computer. This setting creates an exact snapshot of your previous PC state, allowing you to go back to how it was before.

Seems like Microsoft is trying to turn my desktop into an overgrown smartphone. You can install Win11 on any system regardless of TPM status. Use USB media creator Rufus to create Win11 install USB.

How to Resolve WHEA Error Uncorrectable in Windows 10?

A driver is outdated or corrupted, usually after a Windows update. Windows 10 Reset replaces system files with a completely new set of files. It will theoretically clear any stuck issues with WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR while keeping the majority of your important files intact. Check if the cooling systems are fully functional, your RAM is safe in its slots, the CPU hasn’t bafflingly faded, etc. If you are not sure how to reinstall your system hardware, see the following video. If everything is as per your requirement, hit the Finish button and wait for the restore to complete.

Ways to Run Disk Error Check in Windows 10, 8 and 7

Fortunately, reinstalling hard disk drivers and updating to the latest firmware is easy, and you won’t lose any data. Full scan will check all files and running programs on your hard disk, so it may take a while to complete. System Restore is a feature of Windows that can revert system software and settings back to a particular date. System Restore does this by saving the changes made to system files in a restore point. Restore points use a lot of hard drive space.

Programs in Start Menu are read from Registry before being launched at startup. The Registry entries that refer to startup programs that are moved from the original location or are no longer on the system will become invalid. Registry Cleaner contributes to identifying all such invalid entries and cleans them from the Registry. With time, the volume of invalid entries increases and clutters the Registry. Therefore, regular cleaning of the registry to remove invalid entries that might give fatal results in download dbdata_dll at driversol.com the future is recommended.

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