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A little bit of rice, whole lot of Merry

Merry’s Gold mini pack is a zesty, aromatic package of Pure Pishori, offering a warm and distinctive taste of the Kenyan Basmati. We specially select the best grains of Pure Pishori for a flavourful, memorable experience. Magna Group rice masters’ adventures, which took them East of Nairobi to the paddies of Mwea, inspired the packaging of this truly unique Pishori rice brand.

Have it Merry’s Way

  • Flavourful
  • Aromatic
  • During moments worth savouring
Merrys Pishori Rice Kenya - Magna Pater, daawat, Jamii
Merrys Pishori Rice Kenya - Magna Pater, daawat, Jamii

Merry’s Gold Medium Pack Double Graded for perfect Taste

Inspired by the original rice masters and our founder, Merrys Gold undergoes a second grading to achieve exceptional flavor and distinctive taste. Its perfect flavour and aroma make it perfect for celebrating life’s extraordinary occasions, plus all the moments along the way.

Merrys Gold Mega Pack! 100% Pishori, Merry’s Way

Introducing Pure Pishori Mega Pack which is primed, selected and packaged Merry’s way. Grown in the green paddies of Mwea with natural water aflow from the mountain through the rich volcanic soil, gathering minerals organically and forming the perfect PH. Ripened through the Merry’s time-honoured aging process, Merry’s Gold mega pack is pishori that only comes from the chosen paddies. If you like Pishori, are will love the undeniably tantalizing taste of Merry’s Gold Pishori.