Pure Pishori Rice into Merry’s Gold!

There is pishori rice. Then there’s Merry’s Gold Pishori; primed and graded for a memorable experience. There is no secret ingredient in our award-winning brand. There’s military precision in packaging, of course. Adherence to standard and rejection of broken and green grains light the process!


It’s All Natural

It’s the rich water. It’s the PH. It’s the volcanic soil on the slopes of Mt Kenya. Its everything. Everything organic, natural.


A Grain of Pishori Couldn’t Ask for a Better Start

The rich volcanic soil in Mwea is the greatest natural resource. Drawing and retaining water from the running networks of canals fed by the ever fresh Thiba river, the paddies are our pishori grains lifeblood. Crisp, cool, and a constant temperature. Identifying which paddies to feed our dream rice, and acquiring them is our hustle. It costs us a fortune and then some. An amount most people would be hesitant to part with, no matter the investment. So what does Merry’s Gold see in the paddies that form the home of best pishori? Absolutely nothing. As in no agrochemicals. No impurities. Just rich soil in clean, pure, mountain water. It’s about as natural as you can get.


It Takes Patience to Make Merry’s Gold

The adherence to detail that comes with packaging our pishori starts with identifying our paddies for farming, taking care of the delicate rice plant, and selecting the best grains. It’s tough work, but nothing good comes easy. But when you’re protecting the green grains from voracious Red-billed Quelea birds on a hot sunny afternoon, boy, you kind of wish it would be


Pishori, Standard & Pride

Our pishori rice wouldn’t be what it is without the adherence to standard set by our rice masters. They have developed a perfect standard that ensures our product is free of broken, green and chalky grains that would otherwise spoil the fun!


Sorted and Graded, Grain by Grain

We subject our Pishori to colour sorting that identifies and chucks impurities, semi-processed, chalky and green grains. We then subject the white rice to a double sieve grader so only full, long, slender grains form the coveted pack of Merry’s Gold Pishori. It’s a costly, time consuming process and if it sounds extravagant, well, it is.


Some Value Add, and More Love

A Package of Merry’s Gold is more than just a carrier of Pishori. It’s a value add. Strong and air tight so the precious grains retain the unique characteristics. That’s why we’ve always insisted on perfect pouches.