The Rice and Rise

About Merry's Rice

Back in 2020, Magna Group was not afraid to introduce new brave ideas in their own unique style, which brought inevitably disruptive changes in the Pishori rice industry. We packaged unmistakably perfect Pishori rice into a signature brand, Merry’s Gold. We take pride in our commitment to bring you the Kenya’s Finest Pishori rice; the best of the best.  Merrys Pishori is celebrated to this date for being a perfect mix of purity and ingenuity, aroma and flavour.

The award winning Merry’s Gold is selected from the best paddies in Mwea. Even there, not all grains are uniquely perfect to form the package that fills up the tantalizing Merry’s Gold jar.  Our legacy brand is packaged from aged, long and slender grains, bringing an explosion of flavor with every meal. Adding to this undeniable heritage of Pishori, Merrys Gold adds an ultra-premium touch by rejecting all green and broken grains that would make the rice clingy.

Merrys Pishori Rice Kenya - Magna Pater, daawat, Jamii

Leading the Pack

Furthering the legacy of the original Mwea Pishori Rice, Merrys Gold sets the standard as the first ultra-premium Pishori brand. Packaged in an extra strong, beautiful package, it brings the zest of pure pishori with the enthusiasm of specially designed package. Merry’s Gold is the only Pishori rice brand that is internationally recognized, having found its place in the Hall of Fame at the Good Food Award, an honour we are exceptionally proud of. The flavourful & distinct taste of Merry’s Gold makes it the unmistakably best rice brand of the Pishori range.